Tenpa Dzosai
**My hopes are just the nothing**

My hopes are just the nothing
They have no real rest
They want me to do something
They think that I'm the best.

I wanna die, I wanna close my eyes
I really don't want to be
And you don't know my problem's size
So much you haven't ever see.

I couldn't solve my fucking problems
but didn't ask somebody to help
My organism is like a fortress
The problems like a doggy yelp.

I have to overcome my hardship
Without any help of friends.
It's not because they are so selfish
It is because I live by stealth.

Nobody knows my train of thought
Nobody sees my genuine face.
The minutes of my life like broad
I gave my time as a sacrifice.

I did it for my dear friends
And I don't care for my wishes
And I don't care for my health
My life's dictating such conditions.

You know, I love My Friends so much
That it's so difficult to say "I can't"
I think I can somebody to touch
By answer "no".. It's like a bunt.

I don't complain about it
I love My Friends. They are my treasure.
And I... I'm just a sack with rancid meat
That can't provide any emotion pleasure.

I love My Friends. So much I love nobody.
I really happy every time I see them
They make my soul 'high' - without body
Because My body's like a stem. ))

IHS© Москва 2006

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